Hebrew words – reading them

For someone who wants to start reading Hebrew words it can be a very daunting experience. Hebrew text is extremely foreign to any other written language used today. It is important to find a teacher or a program that can teach you to read Hebrew words fluently. Once you can read, the whole world of Hebrew text opens up to you.

What texts can I read?

Once you know how to read Hebrew words, the world is your oyster! The best thing though, is to start reading simple text. Even if it is text that is suitable for young kids. All you want to do is become proficient. However, if you want to move straight onto the more complex Hebrew texts, like the Torah or prayers, this is also an option.

How do I read more complex Hebrew words?

When faced with complex text, it is important to know how to start reading the word. The way how I teach people to read complex text, is to break the words up into syllables. To me that is key. It is all very well knowing how to read the letters and vowels. But if a person cannot read the words fluently, then it becomes a lot more difficult to read.

The Hebrew reading online course, www.easylearnhebrew.com, teaches students exactly this. It teaches the student that there are 6 different syllables that are evident in Hebrew words. The program instructs the student how to read Hebrew words fluently. The audio button for each word, helps the student hear how each syllable is pronounced.

Moving foward

Once this skill has been mastered, you can read all kinds of Hebrew texts: modern literature, biblical texts, poetry, political analysis. As mentioned earlier, the world really is your oyster! All you need to do is start with the basics.

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