Hebrew to English translation in Jewish texts

I want to acknowledge that not all people want to have the Hebrew to English translated. Different people speak different languages other than English. We cannot assume that it is the dominant language. But I do want to say, that there are 360 million people in the world who speak English. Of those, a portion would want to to engage with Hebrew to English translation.

Is it easy to do a Hebrew to English translation?

Many people want to know what they are reading in Hebrew. Different texts present differently. Some Hebrew books simply have Hebrew. Pages and pages of Hebrew, without any translation whatsoever. Other books have the English on one side, and the Hebrew on the opposite page. It gives people a chance to follow along, and understand the Hebrew.

However, a Hebrew to English translation cannot always be 100% accurate. Hebrew presents differently to English. It is difficult to translate some Hebrew concepts into Englishg. For example, it is difficult to translate the Hebrew word “et”.  It is a grammatical concept in Hebrew. So, therefore, people may be confused about the word “et” if it there is no translation.

Making Hebrew easier to engage with

We have established that Hebrew to English translation cannot be 100% accurate. Nevertheless, it is important to have the translation available to people. People who are converting to Judaism need help with the Hebrew.  They have had little to no exposure to Hebrew vocabulary. However, when they attend synagogue, the translation can help them understand understand and relate to the text.

Sometimes people want to attend Synagogue, or read Jewish texts and do not want to worry about trying to translate it. They want to come and be part of the community. Furthermore, they want to hear the Hebrew, but not necessarily try and understand what is being read or sung. Having the Hebrew to English translation can help them relax, and enjoy the service.

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