Hebrew Gematria

Many people take a keen interest in Hebrew Gematria. Some people are religious Jews, Christians, or people who are just interested. In fact, many celebrities are interested in this area. It is important to understand what Hebrew Gematria is. It is the assignation of numerical values to Hebrew letters. People who follow the kabbalah, follow the Hebrew Gematria, as it was developed by the Kabbalists.

How is Kabbalah and Hebrew Gematria related?

This system was developed by people who practiced Kabbalah. Kabbalah is also known as Jewish mysticism. It came from the Greek influence and became a way to interpret biblical texts. According to Wikipedia, The first documented use of Gematria is from an Assyrian inscription dating to the 8th century BCE. Sargon II paid for it.

According to historical texts, in the of the inscription, Sargon II states: “the king built the wall of Khorsabad. Khorsobad is in North Eastern Iraq, near the city of Ninevah.  Apparently he built the wal to be ern  16,283 cubits long. He arrived at this figure because it corresponded with the numerical value of his name.

How can you become familiar with Gematria?

The first step is to learn the Hebrew alphabet, and to become familiar with the numerical value of each letter. For example, aleph is 1, beit is 2, and so on. Once you are familiar with the Hebrew letters, you can find someone to teach you Hebrew Gematria. For a beginner I think it would be helpful to have a mentor, for someone to help you.

A great way to start learning the Hebrew aleph beit is with the Easy Learn Hebrew program. Once you have learnt the numerical value of the letters you can start practicing. A suggestion is that you start with simple texts, and take guidance from those who are more experienced than you. Be patient, you will get there.

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