Hebrew alphabet chart – is it helpful?

When I was growing up, my mother bought me an alphabet chart to learn to the English alphabet. Similarly, she also bought me a Hebrew alphabet chart. This really helped me to start becoming familiar with the Hebrew alephbet chart. It gave me an opportunity to recognise shapes, and to start associating the shape with the sound of the letter or vowel.

I remember my Hebrew alphabet chart clearly. It was just like the chart for English letters. Every letter (or vowel) had a cute little picture that depicted the sound of the letter attached to it.

This is a good question, as the Hebrew alphabet chart does not have any sound. I like to call it the old-fashioned way of recognising Hebrew letters. Like we did before the internet! A positive aspect to having a Hebrew alphabet chart is that a person can become visually aware of the shape and sounds of the different letters.

Whatever the language, alphabet charts are usually presented in a fun way with lots of colour, which encourages the student to hang them up in a prominent position. They can be used as poster for decoration in a child’s (or adult’s) bedroom.

A negative to using the Hebrew alphabet chart

However, a negative aspect of the Hebrew alpahabet chart is that it is quite a passive way of learning the Hebrew letters. All the student does is look at the chart. The student needs to make the effort to pronounce the letter. He or she needs to make an active decision to sound out the letters.

But the student may choose not to, and that could limit their ability to learn the sounds of the Hebrew letters and vowels.

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