Easy Learn Hebrew

Easy Learn Hebrew

About 12 years ago I was sitting on a park bench enjoying the sunshine. I had my eye closed and I was dreaming. I was dreaming about how to make a face to face Hebrew reading program online. The face to face Hebrew reading program is so easy for beginnings.

As I sat in the sunshine, the first thought that popped into my head was “easy”! as my mind wandered, the phrase “easy learn Hebrew” popped into my mind.  I wanted to make a program available on the internet to help people to learn to read Hebrew easily.

Creating Easy Learn Hebrew

I sat down with my partner in crime (my husband) to talk about my idea. Together we brainstormed ways to make the face to face Hebrew reading program onto an online format. Together we created Easy Learn Hebrew!  We were a perfect match. My husband looked after the technical side. I looked after the content of the program. We did not realize the amount of work that would go into creating Easy Learn Hebrew.

I had to start from scratch, to work out how to teach the consonant and vowels. I obviously did not want to start with the more difficult consonants. So, I grouped consonants together, that would make sense. For example, in lesson one, I grouped Reish and Dalet together. They look very similar, so it is important to learn them together immediately. That way any confusion can be eliminated from the beginning.

I have learnt through my studies that people learn in different ways. Some people learn through reading, others through watching something (visual learning), others by listening, and some by actually doing something (kinaesthetic learning). And some use all modes of learning at different times.  Based on this, we created Easy Learn Hebrew to cater to all learning styles. If you are interested, check out www.easylearnhebrew.com

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