Best books for learning Hebrew

Walking into a library may seem foreign to some people these days. However, for those looking for the best books for learning Hebrew, it is the most obvious place to go. What I find gratifying, is that even though we are in the midst of the digital era, people still go to libraries. If a person is given multiple recommendations for the best books for learning Hebrew, it is definitely the place to go.

Buying the best books for learning Hebrew

Twenty-nine years ago, I started studying Hebrew at Sydney University. I was determined to buy the best Hebrew resources, so I traveled half way across the city to a Jewish bookshop to look for the best books for learning Hebrew. I found the most amazing set of dictionaries. Although they were extremely expensive for that time ($300), I convinced my father that those were the ones.

One year later, I went to study Hebrew in Israel with these Hebrew/English and English/Hebrew dictionaries. They were incredibly heavy (and they still are!) to carry half way around the world in a suitcase. Nevertheless, I was determined to study Hebrew in Israel with the advantage of these dictionaries. I was right, they were the best resources for the course. Everyone was extremely envious of me.

Books with longevity!

Fast-forward twenty-nine years, my friend asked me if her son could borrow my Hebrew/English dictionaries. It goes to show that the best books for learning Hebrew just do not date. It was quite cute; their dog chewed the corners of one of the volumes; he obviously has good taste! All jokes aside, their son used the dictionaries for his final exams for Hebrew and found them to be fantastic.

Whilst many books have been converted digitally, sometimes have the physical book in front of you, can really help with learning. That is why, it is important to make sure that whatever book you buy, make sure it is worth your while, and is the best.

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