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Michael Thompson

I found Easy Learn Hebrew to be an incredibly empowering and confidence-building resource, and recommend it highly.

It put me at ease and made the learning process fun! The blend of video teaching and detailed tutorials and quizzes, together with the strong emphasis on sounding out words aloud and making memorable associations with letters gave me a great start in learning to read Hebrew words.

It helped me gain a confidence and enjoyment in learning the language that has stayed with me.

Read Hebrew Easily

Juan A Aburto-Urra

I must emphasise that I didn't have any basic Hebrew knowledge before taking this course. It took me less then a week to learn the Hebrew alphabet with that contagious song. The video lesson format was clear and easy to follow. After finishing the course at my own pace, I was able to find, discern and pronounce words in Hebrew from the Hebrew and English Tanach. I recommend this course to anyone. Good on you Easy Learn Hebrew and thank you.

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Rabbi Steve Fisch

I have tried numerous programs for teaching beginning Hebrew reading to adults with limited success.

When I found 'Easy Learn Hebrew', I knew that this program would succeed - wow!!! I was correct beyond my wildest dreams!

By being online and interactive, the format of the program encourages easy and fun learning. The videos with mnemonic suggestions for each letter (comparing the shape of the letter to English words) is phenomenal.
The tutorials reinforce the videos with just enough repetition to encourage learning without becoming boring. The quizzes with their immediate feedback enables students to test their proficiency.

Being able to print out flash cards from the course also allows for quick learning. The pace at which students finish the course is limited only by their own initiative. Because of the nature of the online course, students can easily repeat lessons or portions of lessons until they have reached complete fluency. My students are mastering Hebrew reading and enjoying the process.

An added benefit as a Rabbi and a teacher is that the course itself does not require my constant intervention - I can spend only a few minutes reviewing a lesson with my students yet be assured that they are indeed learning.

Congratulations on creating THE BEST way to learn Hebrew reading!

Rabbi Steve Fisch
Congregation Beth El Binah
Dallas, Texas, USA

Read Hebrew With Ease

Sarah Long

I started out with little to no knowledge of how to read Hebrew or how to pronounce the letters.

I used the site in preparation for my Bat-Mitzvah and now I can read Hebrew quite well. I found the site easy to use and fun and I especially liked singing along to the alphabet (aleph-beit) song which I now know off by heart.

I would recommend the site for adults and children alike to use if they wanted to learn how to read Hebrew.

It is fun, easy and a great way to learn.

Read Hebrew Confidently

Phillip Levy

Read Hebrew At Your Own Pace

Karen, Mother of Aaron aged 8

We've been trying for some time to teach our 8 year old son to read Hebrew using a variety of methods, but nothing seemed to really be working. With the limited time we were dedicating to the task, he wasn't really retaining much knowledge from one session to the next. Also, he wasn't enjoying it at all and resisted spending any time trying to learn.

I was a bit sceptical about how effective the program would be and if it would actually help engage my son in the learning.

The program has far exceeded my expectations! Firstly it is extremely effective. Although we do only spend small amounts of time on it (about 1/2 hour a week) my son remembers the material really well between sessions.

The material is presented really well and an in an extremely logical way. The teaching methods really help the learner to remember what they've learnt from one lesson to the next.

Secondly and probably, more importantly, my son really enjoys using the program. Learning to read Hebrew is no longer a chore. He is very happy to sit down to watch the videos, do the tutorials and especially to do the tests at the end of each lesson. I think this is because he's getting so much satisfaction from seeing that he is making progress. He says, he doesn't really know why but "it's just fun!"

I would highly recommend this program to anyone wanting to learn to read Hebrew or to teach their kids to read Hebrew.

Read Hebrew Expertly

Eva Ford

Over the years I have tried on three separate occasions to learn Hebrew.

However I was never able to retain the information as there was no effective follow up and life's busy-ness took over. Learning Hebrew took a back seat but it was still one of my hopeful plans for 'someday'.

Well, that 'someday' has finally arrived and is in the process of actually happening... Although I have yet to complete this course I find that I am now learning and retaining what I am learning.

The system of being able to repeat any part of the course or any of the lessons has been invaluable. And the fact that it is entertaining with its mnemonics has maintained my interest and motivation.

I am truly grateful...

Read Hebrew Today

Lorraine Ercegg

I found out late in life that this is my background. I tried to learn Ivrit in many ways since my 50's, none of them successful. I just didn't get it and felt I never would. However, I didn't give up and when I commenced this course I felt engaged and found myself doing each lesson three times and taking it slowly. I'm 68 now.

Big hug to the person who invented this way of learning. its practical, fulfilling and easy to follow. There is nothing available out there like this. Its such an amazing course and has helped me a lot.

For someone who didn't have the upbringing or support, its been a difficult climb. I am smiling now though and beginning to be able to recognize prayers in the Mishkan Tefillah. I am very grateful for the way this course has been put together.

Todah rabah.

Read Hebrew When It Suits You

Rene Lerma

I want to thank Yael and the 'Easy Learn Hebrew' course for assisting me on improving my ability to read Hebrew.

Within three weeks, I made very big strides. I highly recommend the Easy Learn Hebrew course to anyone who would like to make real improvements on their Hebrew reading.

Thank you once again Yael!

Read Hebrew Fast

Brendan Smart

I recently attended the Easy Learn Hebrew's "face to face" "Learn to read Hebrew in one day" class. I'd be lying if I didn't say I was initially sceptical. I am currently undergoing my conversion and Hebrew was, until recently, completely foreign to me.

Each Saturday in Shul, as the characters leapt out the page at me, I was filled with a sense of foreboding at the mammoth task of learning to read Hebrew. I was amazed by the end of the day that I could actually "read Hebrew in one day". Not fluently, but certainly no one had misrepresented the results to me, and what's more it was fun!

My only concern going forward was how would I retain the information I had learned that day? Yael then introduced me to I went home and signed up and I haven't looked back.

It's perfect, it employs the most logical methods imaginable to simplify what I previously thought would be the hardest thing that I ever had to do, and most importantly it makes learning to read Hebrew fun.
I can log in whenever I want, learn in my own time and advance as quickly or as slowly as I want. It literally is "Easy to learn Hebrew".

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend and it's teaching methods to anyone who wants to learn to read Hebrew quickly and most importantly have fun while doing so.

Experience learning to read Hebrew with this unique proven system.

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