Pesach is by far my favorite festival; the rituals, the beautifully set table, the songs and so much more.

I’m lucky because my father taught me to read Hebrew. Having the Hebrew background makes the Seder so much more meaningful. The Hebrew readings in the Haggadah have a certain depth which isn’t found in English.

What I find interesting, because the Haggadah is literally telling a story (the word Haggadah, literally means “the telling”), reading Hebrew is in fact quite simple; simply because many of the words are not as complex as liturgical Hebrew. If a person can learn how to read Hebrew, and have a grasp of the meanings before the Seder, the Seder itself will be more meaningful. In fact, to learn to read using the Haggadah as primary text, will make Hebrew reading interesting and less daunting.

Hebrew reading tips which you have learnt on your journey, can be applied to reading Hebrew in the Haggadah as well. If you want to learn how to read Hebrew, you can use the Haggadah to practice with once you have learnt the consonants and vowels.

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