Wherever You Go You Take Your Classroom With You

Whether you have a desktop PC, laptop,tablet or phone, Easy Learn Hebrew is a Hebrew reading course in your pocket, backpack or briefcase.

Read Hebrew Easily

Your online teacher is always there and is always ready - Available 24 Hours A Day 7 Days A Week. No matter what time of day or night you want to attend your Hebrew reading course, you can log on and continue from where you left off.

EasyLearnHebrew.com Is Scientifically Designed

Research has shown people have different modes of learning. Some people prefer reading information, others prefer listening to information whilst others prefer watching information being delivered, such as in a video.

The Easy Learn Hebrew program delivers the course information using all three modes. This way you can learn to read Hebrew using your preferred learning mode or a combination of learning modes, making it easy to understand and retain the learning.

To suit your individual style or mood, the colour theme of your 'online classroom' can be also selected to further enhance your learning experience.

Students Of EasyLearnHebrew.com Have Been...

People who never learnt to read Hebrew when they were younger and then found themselves frustrated and at a loss when wanting to participate in Jewish services and celebrations.

Students wanting to learn Hebrew as part of their converting to Judaisim process.

Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah students who needed extra support in preparing them for their rites of passage in their Jewish 'coming of age'.

Older children attending Jewish day schools for the first time and needing to get their level of Hebrew reading 'fast tracked' to keep up with the class.

Men and women wanting to connect or reconnect with their Jewish tradition and religion.

Mature Aged Bar and Bat Mitzvah students.

Devout Christians who have wanted to learn to read Hebrew so they could read the ancient Hebrew texts in their original form.

And many more...

Experience learning to read Hebrew the easy way.

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Help Is Only A Click Away

There is a comprehensive 'How To' help guide in the course environment that will answer any questions that you may encounter. If the answer is not there you can contact our support staff who will get back to you within 24 hours.

Do You Consider Yourself A 'Private' Person?

We know that some students are hesitant to participate in a face to face classroom environment as they may feel embarrased that they will mispronounce words or make a mistake while reading in front of others.

Because the Easy Learn Hebrew program is online and done in the privacy of your own home or office, you can practice sounding the letters out loud and reading the words without anyone hearing you until you are confident with your pronounciation and reading ability!

You Will Always Have The Most Up-To-Date Course Material

Because the Easy Learn Hebrew program is an online 'real time' web based course, any improvements and updates to the course environment are instantly and automatically available to you when next you log in!

Never Get Bored Or 'Left Behind'

Have you ever attended a course where the instructor took too long to get to the point and you found yourself bored and your thoughts a million miles away?

Or perhaps before you had time to properly understand the foundation concepts, the instructor, at warp speed, was already covering the more advanced material?

This will never happen with the Easy Learn Hebrew program. You can go at whatever pace works for you, fast in the areas that you grasp easily and then slower if you need to take more time on other sections.

You can also easily return to previous lessons to double check concepts and information covered.

Review The Course As Often As Needed Refresh Your Learning As Often As Required

Whether you need to quickly refer to a previous lesson to clarify a question or whether you need to 'pick up again' from a long or short break from learning to read Hebrew, all lessons can be revised as often as needed.

C o n g r a t u l a t i o n s !

At the completion of the course you will be able to print a beautiful personalised Certificate of Achievement to display with pride alongside your other certificates.


Once you have completed all the lessons and you know how to read Hebrew, you can take advantage of the More... section of the course.

In the More... section there is a large selection of universal Hebrew texts, such as the Blessings Over Wine, Blessings Over Bread, the Four Questions asked at Passover and the prayers recited before and after you read from the Torah etc.

These further texts are written using the unique Easy Learn Hebrew text markup method which has been used throughout the course to further enhance your reading ability.


Unique - Proven - Effective

7 Easy Lessons - 4 Sections in Each

Section 1: The Video is a class room video recording of a lesson presented by one of the Easy Learn Hebrew instructors. In this segment the Hebrew letters and reading rules for that lesson are introduced and explained. The videos are delivered in crisp High Definition (HD) quality to make your Hebrew learning more lifelike than ever.

Section 2: The Tutorial goes deeper into the areas that were covered in the Video section. Here the Easy Learn Hebrew program makes use of a rich range of mediums including cartoons, quirky stories and mini video clips to assist in understanding and remembering the material covered in that lesson.

Section 3: The Quiz is an opportunity for you to test yourself and see how much you have learned. The quiz is self paced, and only you get to see your score. When you are satisfied that you are comfortable with the material covered in that lesson you can go on to the next one. There is no rush and you can revise the lessons as many times as you need to, making sure you understand the content.

Section 4: The Song is a fun way to learn and remember the Hebrew alphabet.

In addition, you get to access the Easy Learn Hebrew Flash Card templates for each lesson which make it easy to make your own words to further practice your Hebrew reading skills.

The Easy Learn Hebrew Program Is A Leading Edge Hebrew Reading Program That Is

The Best In Its Class

  • There is no software to install

  • You can access the lessons from any computer

  • Navigating the lessons is straight forward and easy to do

  • Accurately track your progress with the quiz

  • Your 'classroom' is open 24 hours a day - 7 days a week

  • Learn when you want to and where you want to

  • Learn with a proven, effective and successful system

Experience learning to read Hebrew with this unique proven system.

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