Discover the fun and effective way to learn to read Hebrew easily and with confidence.

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  • Use a trusted method - the Easy Learn Hebrew program is a unique and proven system that has stood the test of time.
  • Learn with your preferred medium - content is delivered in fun and easy ways through videos, cartoons and songs.
  • Enjoy flexibility - work at your own pace online, when it suits you and where it suits you.

Experience learning to read Hebrew the easy way

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The Easy Learn Hebrew program is based on the original Hebrew teaching methods developed by Rabbi Lampert, that have enjoyed outstanding success in the classroom environment for over 50 years.

These same methods have now been made available online and can be accessed from anywhere in the world.


Valerie Morgan Says...

ValerieI wasn't sure about learning to read Hebrew online as I had taken classes before without success. I found Hebrew letters hard to remember and my progress was slow.

From the very first lesson of the Easy Learn Hebrew course I just GOT it!

The teaching methods are really simple and effective, and I could remember the letters and their sounds. In a very short time I was actually reading Hebrew!

It was much easier than I expected, and I felt really motivated to keep going. I am now able to read quite well and follow the service in the Siddur.

Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful course.


Rabbi Lampert
It gives me great pleasure to see this method made available online as it has been.
Rabbi Lampert


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From the founder
Lady The Easy Learn Hebrew story began in 1986 when I became involved with Rabbi Lampert's teaching methods as a tutor in the 'Learn To Read Hebrew In One Day' course.

This course took students, who could not read a word of Hebrew at the beginning of the day, and by the end of the day they could read Hebrew, slowly, but correctly.

In 1999, I completed my Bachelor of Arts majoring in Hebrew, and, as part of my degree, spent a year in Israel studying Hebrew at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. In 2008, I became the primary instructor for the 'Learn To Read Hebrew In One Day' course.

Whilst conducting these face to face courses it struck me that this unique classroom-based method could be transferred to an online format to make it accessible to people all around the world, and so the Easy Learn Hebrew program was born!

The Easy Learn Hebrew program is the 'Learn To Read Hebrew In One Day' classroom course 'online', however offering much more in terms of being able to revise the 'classroom' content online repeatedly via the videos, take the online quizzes and being able to print out the associated hard copy learning materials as required.

I am very excited to make this program available and look forward to welcoming you as an online Easy Learn Hebrew student.

Yael Rottanburg
Yael Rottanburg
Founder -

Experience learning to read Hebrew the easy way

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Rabbi Steve Fisch Says...

Steve I have tried numerous programs for teaching beginning Hebrew reading to adults with limited success.

When I found 'Easy Learn Hebrew', I knew that this program would succeed - wow!!! I was correct beyond my wildest dreams!

By being online and interactive, the format of the program encourages easy and fun learning. The videos with mnemonic suggestions for each letter (comparing the shape of the letter to English words) is phenomenal.

The tutorials reinforce the videos with just enough repetition to encourage learning without becoming boring. The quizzes with their immediate feedback enables students to test their proficiency. Being able to print out flash cards from the course also allows for quick learning.

The pace at which students finish the course is limited only by their own initiative.

Because of the nature of the online course, students can easily repeat lessons or portions of lessons until they have reached complete fluency. My students are mastering Hebrew reading and enjoying the process.

An added benefit as a rabbi and a teacher is that the course itself does not require my constant intervention - I can spend only a few minutes reviewing a lesson with my students yet be assured that they are indeed learning.

Congratulations on creating THE BEST way to learn Hebrew reading!
RABBI STEVE FISCH - Congregation Beth El Binah
Dallas, Texas, USA


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